Battle of Olustee Civil War Re-enactment

For those seeking a taste of history, look no further than Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park. Just near Lake City, this park is actually the battleground of the largest battle fought in Florida during the Civil War!

Battle of Olustee Civil War Re-enactment
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Every February, history comes alive. A re-enactment of Florida’s bloodiest battle details the Union’s failed attempt to cut off Confederate food supplies. As a result, thousands flock to the park, and some visitors come from overseas every year!

The re-enactment lasts through all of Presidents’ Day weekend, starting with “School Day” on Friday. Field trips are among the public that comes to listen to historical speakers discuss aspects of life in the Civil War era.

On Saturday and Sunday, you can walk through the battlefield to see what the actual armies’ campsites looked like! Afterward, Civil War memorabilia is available for purchase at authentic replicas of sutler tents.

Once re-enactments are finished, memorial services are held for fallen soldiers. Finally, the weekend culminates in the Battle of Olustee Ball! Participants fill out dance cards and mingle in full-period dresses.

Just like many of Florida’s parks, Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park is special. It offers a unique experience and a truly historic Florida festival!