Lisa Vanderpump Backs Andy Cohen Amid Misconduct Allegations: "Damn Right, I'm on His Side"

Lisa Vanderpump publicly supports Andy Cohen against recent misconduct allegations, emphasizing their long-standing friendship and playful rapport during her appearance on "The Talk."

Lisa Vanderpump Backs Andy Cohen Amid Misconduct Allegations:
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Lisa Vanderpump, renowned for her role on "Vanderpump Rules," has come out in strong support of Andy Cohen following allegations of inappropriate behavior. During her appearance on "The Talk" this Tuesday, Vanderpump was queried about her stance on the controversy surrounding Cohen, the charismatic host of "Watch What Happens Live."

Vanderpump shared insights into her long and close relationship with Cohen, describing their interactions as playfully inappropriate but ultimately harmless. "I think I’ve been one of the few people that have done Watch What Happens Live on their own for many years and had a very connected relationship," she stated. "He’s inappropriately naughty, like I am, too. That’s what Bravo is a lot of the time."

The reality TV star didn't hold back her endorsement: "So, am I on his side? Damn right, I’m on his side," Vanderpump declared, receiving applause from the audience.

She also noted the timing of the allegations, suggesting a pattern related to accusers no longer affiliated with Bravo. Vanderpump further defended Cohen against more serious accusations, including those involving drugs, confidently asserting her awareness and disbelief of such behavior.

The allegations against Cohen were spotlighted earlier this year when former "Real Housewives of New York City" star Leah McSweeney filed a lawsuit accusing him and the network of fostering a problematic workplace that encouraged excessive alcohol consumption. Cohen has also been accused of using cocaine with Bravo celebrities, an accusation firmly denied by his legal representation.

In response to a separate incident involving an inappropriate video sent to Brandi Glanville, Cohen has apologized, acknowledging the joke was in poor taste.

Vanderpump's outspoken support comes amidst various legal challenges Cohen faces, including a dismissed lawsuit from NeNe Leakes, former star of "Real Housewives of Atlanta," who had alleged discrimination and employment violations.

As the story unfolds, Vanderpump remains a steadfast ally, highlighting her trust and fondness for Cohen despite the brewing controversies.