Planta raises the bar on unlimited brunch booze. Steven Salm’s glitzy vegan spot that began in the South of Fifth neighborhood and spawned clones across South Florida includes bottomless mimosas and margaritas. After a few of those, you'll be ready to move on to a menu that's a mix of cuisines, like the falafel tacos or shakshuka with split-pea fritters.

Food & Drink

The third restaurant from nightlife entrepreneur David Grutman, opened in partnership with Toronto-based Chase Hospitality Group, doles out vegan fare, fresh-pressed juice cocktails and veggie sushi, which actually tastes like the real stuff. By now we know that Grutman doesn’t attach his name to flops (Komodo and OTL are two veritable culinary successes) and Planta seemingly won’t be his first—the South of Fifth spot is already packing in the designer-clad crowds he usually draws. But unlike the pricey Komodo or the chilled out OTL, Planta’s menu is so varied, approachable (a tall order for plant-based food) and affordable you might consider dining here often. You’ll hardly miss the cheese in the rich queso dip, which subs in carrots and potatoes for the dairy, and find yourself appreciating the real corn flavors in the side of fresh chips. The pizzas, particularly the Frenchie topped with arugula and mushrooms, are at once doughy and crispy but won’t bloat you like regular pies (and they can be ordered gluten-free). Don’t miss the eatery’s selection of fresh-pressed juice cocktails—the Aloe Views with actual aloe vera is like a healthy, fizzy mule—or the vegan desserts.