Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens

The home of renouned sculpture artist, Ann Norton has become a stunning tribute to her work and passion and sits snuggly in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens
Life Style

The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens are a tribute to her legacy and is filled with her artifacts and works of art. Inside the home, you will explore her art studio and many of the rooms that have been transformed into galleries displaying her work.

Outside, in the gardens, you will find the spectacular sculptures nestled within the trees and ponds throughout the garden. Ann wanted the sculptures to be a “surprise” to those who entered the garden. That is why they are nestled in with the immense amount of foliage.

The garden is home to many imported forms of palm trees and flowers from all over the world. So visitors get to be engulfed in rich culture and surrounded by exotic plant life all at the same time.

The sculptures concealed in Ann Norton’s Garden are definitely some of the best hidden gems in Florida!