Art Basel Miami Beach

Perhaps one of the best-hidden gems in Florida is Art Basel at Miami Beach. Already a haven for art and culture, Miami hosts this art festival that also takes place in Switzerland and Hong Kong.

Art Basel Miami Beach
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Art Basel is an international art fair that originated in Switzerland in 1970. When it opened another iteration in Miami Beach in 2002, it quickly became a local hit. Over 269 international galleries from 29 countries sought to display their art, making it one of the most diverse art festivals in Florida.

Before the festival, which takes place in the Miami Beach Convention Center, a committee of four art dealers travels to see all the submitted gallery pieces. A slate of winners is chosen to be revealed months later during the festival!

The art displayed comes from leading galleries in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Pieces showcased come from masters of modern and contemporary art, as well as a generation of emerging stars.

The pieces are divided into sub-galleries based on categorizations. Meridians feature large-scale projects that question and push the boundaries of “traditional art.” Positions display art from the newest artists. Art Basel offers a look at pieces created using artistic techniques of historical relevance.

You can tour the expansive collection with a docent, who will guide you through the complexities and history of the pieces being viewed. Make sure to check out the on-site book stores to take home an artsy coffee-table book!