Cedar Key

Just an hour southwest of Gainesville, you’ll find the tiny enclave known as Cedar Key. One of the most quaint small towns in Florida, it offers beautiful beaches, fishing opportunities, and old-fashioned, traditional Florida beauty.

Cedar Key
Life Style

With very few traffic lights, you’ll stop and wave at locals as they pass you on the sidewalk. The local police ride around on spiffy golf carts. The houses and shops sit on stilts over the Gulf of Mexico.

Over the tiny keys that make up Cedar Key, you can easily find a tasty clam chowder with a cold brew to wash it down. Your backdrop? The natural beauty of the tranquil village and the almost forgotten natural Florida beauty.

Cedar Key remains a haven for artists, writers, and a special breed of tourists who seek out unspoiled environments. Join the thousand of visitors who make their way to Cedar Key for their local festivals.

The Old Florida Celebration of the Arts in April celebrates local artists, old and new. The Fourth of July party takes fireworks to a new level with the bursts reflecting in the ocean water. With no high-rises, Cedar Key is perfect for The Stargazing Party in February!