Chiefland Astronomy Village

If you’re in Gainesville, you can actually go stargazing in Florida with real astronomers and life-long star enthusiasts! Don’t worry, of all the stargazing groups in the state, the Chiefland Astronomy Village is the most friendly for amateurs and beginners!

Chiefland Astronomy Village
Life Style

Founded by the Chiefland Star Party Group, the Village aims to promote astrology in the community. Here you can stargaze with likeminded individuals who love looking at the night sky!

Camping is easy here with 30A/50A electric and water hookups available on site! There are permanent observatories on the grounds, even though you can see more than plenty of stars with the naked eye.

Keep in mind that the land is privately owned and can be monitored at all times. When the dark sky approaches, all lights must be turned off or switched to red to avoid light pollution. You can also bring your pets, as long as they are leashed and behaved!