Coral Castle

To this day, Coral Castle in Florida’s origins is a mystery. We know that from 1923-1951, Edward Leedskalnin carved 1,000 tons of coral rock. We know that he designed an elaborate rock garden. What we don’t know is how he did it by himself.

Coral Castle
Life Style

A true eccentric, Leedskalnin attributed this feat because he “knew the secrets used to build the pyramids.” Some have said he had supernatural powers. Perhaps we’ll never know how he did this single-handedly. But the Castle’s legacy endures today.

Built as an everlasting monument to his lover that canceled their wedding the day before the ceremony, there’s something quite romantic about the gardens. Bougainvillaea trees shade the gigantic rock walls.

Among the garden’s features are a 9-ton gate that opens with the touch of a finger, a Polaris telescope, and functional rocking chairs. All of them, made completely of coral stone.

When you walk through the castle, you’ll be in awe of the structure. While scientists debate how Leedskalnin built this castle, it stands as a testament to the power of love. The next time you’re in Miami, Coral Castle is a must on your way to Key West.