David Foster Discusses 3-Year-Old Son Rennie's Budding Musical Talents and Family Dynamics

Music mogul David Foster shares insights into his young son Rennie's playful approach to music and the supportive role of his siblings in a recent candid chat.

David Foster Discusses 3-Year-Old Son Rennie's Budding Musical Talents and Family Dynamics
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At a recent event in Los Angeles, David Foster, the celebrated music producer, opened up about his 3-year-old son Rennie's growing interest in music. While attending the Tenth Breakthrough Prize ceremony, Foster shared some light-hearted comments about how Rennie interacts with musical instruments, particularly the piano.

"He just pounds on it, which is a bit upsetting," Foster joked with reporters. However, he quickly added that it's all in good fun and part of being a kid. Despite the energetic approach, Foster isn't pushing his son towards a musical career just yet.

The music executive also revealed that Rennie has already made a few appearances on stage with his parents. "We've done it a couple of times, and it was fun, but we're not planning to make it a regular thing," he said.

Interestingly, Rennie's drumming skills have caught the eye of many, with a recent video showing him drumming to Michael Jackson's "Rock With You" going viral. Foster explained that Rennie had been inspired by watching JR Robinson, a renowned drummer, during his tours with Foster and his wife, Katharine McPhee.

Despite these early signs of musical talent, Foster emphasized that he wants Rennie to explore his interests freely. "He's probably going to end up being a lawyer," Foster quipped, indicating his open approach to his son's future.

Foster also praised his five adult daughters for the warm welcome they've extended to their little brother, highlighting the unique but harmonious family dynamics. "They've embraced Rennie wonderfully," he said, adding that his daughters are self-sufficient and successful in their own right.

David Foster's family may be unconventional, but it's clear that love and music are central themes that bind them together. As for young Rennie, the future holds endless possibilities, whether they lie in music or beyond.