Falling Waters Sinkhole Trail Chipley

Did you know that Florida has waterfalls? In Chipley, found in the panhandle, you’ll find a 73-foot stunning waterfall made of natural sinkholes.

Falling Waters Sinkhole Trail Chipley
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You can experience the natural phenomenon on one of the best hiking trails in Florida. You’ll find the trail easily, reaching the junction atop a bluff at a split-rail fence. Turn left to start down the trail.

The sides of each sinkhole are filled with leaves. You’ll find most of the sinkholes are surrounded by the boardwalk, but the one on the far left has a massive Southern magnolia hovering above.

Now, head down the boardwalk to take the descent into Falling Waters Sink, the crown jewel of the park. The falls were once home to a grist mill during the Civil War and later, a distillery.

When you’ve had your fill, climb back up the staircase to follow the trail to a small lake that feeds the waterfall. A bit later on, you’ll find the swimming area!

Next to the swimming hole, you’ll stumble onto the campgrounds. If you’re not staying there, this is the point to turn back. On your return, linger and enjoy the sights one last time: they’re rare in Florida.