Fort De Soto

Accessible by car via the Pinellas Byway, you can find some of the best snorkeling in Florida at Fort De Soto. Even better, you don’t need to get on a boat to get to the best spots!

Fort De Soto
Life Style

While there are 7 miles of waterfront at Fort De Soto, there are also a few different beaches you can explore! It is home to some of the best stretches of Beaches in Saint Pete and Clearwater!

We also love Battery Bigelow which is a submerged part of the fort near the fishing pier. Snorkeling chest-high out in the water, we found loads of crabs of all sorts, live sand dollars, and even a sea urchin!

Camping at Fort De Soto is super fun! It is one of the best spots for Camping In Florida and is affordable and a unique experience!

With 238 family-camping sites and a primitive youth camping area, you can easily spend the entire day searching through the waters. Then retire to your campsite for the night to relax until the morning!