Harry Harris Park

When you’re looking for a day of outdoor fun that combines the best of a beach and a recreational park, then you need to go to Harry Harris Park. The apple of Monroe County’s eye, a visit here is one of the best things to do in Key Largo.

Harry Harris Park
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The name of the game at Harry Harris Park? Amenities, amenities amenities! Including the beach area, there are 11 pavilions, 12 barbecues, 34 picnic tables, one full-size basketball court, a playground, two baseball, and even a tidal pool for the little ones to wade in!

Fisherman and boaters can launch their boats from the jetty as well! Harry Harris Park is also a popular spot for kayakers too! Paddle through the oceanside islands of Rodriguez Key, Tavernier Key, and Dove Creek!

Dogs are allowed on leash, although they need to be kept off the beach. While swimming is more common, don’t be afraid to venture out and do some snorkeling. Always remember to put up a dive flag so that people know you’re there!