Island Dolphin Care

Dolphins are incredibly smart creatures. They have their own language and travel in pods.

Island Dolphin Care
Life Style

At Island Dolphin Care, one of the most incredible non-profit organization, the volunteers here use interactions as therapy for veterans with PTSD and children with special needs.

At Island Dolphin Care, these dolphins are not bred in captivity. They don’t have to perform shows that can be exhausting and mind-numbing for the animals. Island Dolphin Care prides itself by taking a “zero exploitation” policy with its dolphins. They don’t use their dolphins for monetizing purposes.

Island Dolphin Care plans therapies that are tailored to your special needs. They offer therapies for PTSD, autism, developmental disabilities and more. The therapies can help with sensory integration, attention, fine motor skills, and even your attention span.

You can even attend a Yoga class on the docks. An all-level flow class, you will meet either in the morning or in the evening by candlelight. Dolphins will be curious and swim by to see what you’re doing! There is no cost, but the suggested donation is $10 per class. Remember, this is a non-profit, and this is an easy way to support an incredible organization.