Living Art Festival on Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road, from Meridian to Washington, Miami Beach

 Living Art Festival on Lincoln Road

Dates: Now through April 30, 2024

Event Time: All Day

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the Living Art Festival, a captivating blend of nature's beauty and artistic innovation taking place on Lincoln Road. This unique festival, a collaborative effort with the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, MB Garden Club, LAND, ULU Studio, Urban Robot, and Habitat Landscape Consulting, transforms the urban landscape into a living canvas.

Experience Living Art:
As you wander from Meridian to Washington along the iconic Lincoln Road, discover the reimagined landscape planters that have been infused with the creative visions of five local landscape designers. This open-air gallery showcases the versatility and vibrancy of nature, featuring everything from exotic orchids to dynamic art installations. Each planter tells its own story, inviting you to explore the symbiotic relationship between art and the environment.


  • Plant the Future: Known for their visionary approach to integrating plants with artistic spaces.
  • Cr-eate: Bringing innovative design solutions that redefine our interaction with nature.
  • Studio James Brazil: Fusing architecture, nature, and technology to create immersive experiences.

Don’t Miss:

  • Surprise Elements: Keep an eye out for unexpected art pieces and botanical surprises as you stroll along.
  • Interactive Installations: Engage with installations that invite participation and reflection on our relationship with the natural world.

The Living Art Festival invites locals and visitors alike to engage with a dynamic and interactive landscape. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, art lover, or simply in search of a unique outdoor experience, Lincoln Road promises a journey through a world where art lives and breathes. Come explore the intersection of creativity and nature at this extraordinary festival running now through April 30, 2024.