The Art of the Brick at Olympia Theater

Olympia Theater, Miami

 The Art of the Brick at Olympia Theater

Dates: January 31 - May 12, 2024

About the Exhibition:
Embark on a unique journey into the creative universe of LEGO® art at The Art of the Brick, the largest exhibition of its kind, hosted in the historical Olympia Theater. This international sensation, presented by Fever, offers an unparalleled opportunity for visitors of all ages to explore the ingenuity and passion behind transforming simple LEGO® bricks into astonishing works of art.

Exhibition Highlights:

  • Sculptures: Over 150 meticulously crafted sculptures, including original creations by Nathan Sawaya, the visionary artist behind the collection.
  • Iconic Pieces: Experience the LEGO® interpretations of famous artworks such as Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, showcasing the versatility and expressive potential of LEGO® bricks.
  • Colossal T-Rex: Marvel at the sheer scale and detail of the T-Rex sculpture, a testament to Sawaya's skill and creativity.
  • LEGO® Multimedia: Discover a pioneering multimedia collection created in collaboration with celebrated photographer Dean West, blending photography and LEGO® art in captivating ways.

Global Phenomenon:
Having attracted over 10 million visitors across the globe, The Art of the Brick is a testament to the universal appeal and inspiring nature of LEGO® art. This exhibition not only celebrates the artistic possibilities of LEGO® bricks but also encourages viewers to imagine, create, and discover the potential in the world around them.

For the Whole Family:
The Art of the Brick offers a compelling experience that speaks to the child in everyone, from art enthusiasts and LEGO® fans to families looking for a memorable outing. It’s an invitation to witness the extraordinary, to engage with art in a new and interactive way, and to inspire the next generation of creators and builders.

Don’t Miss Out:
This is a limited-time engagement at the Olympia Theater, making it a must-see event before it concludes on May 12, 2024. Whether you're a lifelong LEGO® aficionado or simply curious about the intersection of art and play, The Art of the Brick promises an unforgettable exploration of creativity and innovation.