R-Evolution™: Marco Cochrane Sculpture on Lincoln Road

400 Block of Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

R-Evolution™: Marco Cochrane Sculpture on Lincoln Road

Event Time: All Day

About the Exhibition:
Experience the awe-inspiring presence of R-Evolution™, the monumental sculpture by renowned Bay Area artist Marco Cochrane, right on Lincoln Road. For the first time on the East Coast, this iconic piece that first captured hearts at Burning Man is now accessible to the public in Miami Beach, offering a unique cultural experience.

Sculpture Details:

  • Height: 45 feet
  • Weight: 32,000 pounds
  • Features: 16 motors in the chest area simulate breathing, bringing the sculpture to life and representing the energy and strength radiating from within.

The Bliss Project:
R-Evolution™ is the third and final piece in Marco Cochrane's The Bliss Project series, a collection of sculptures dedicated to the expression of feminine strength, energy, and liberation. Through this powerful 45-foot tall kinetic sculpture, Cochrane invites viewers to reconsider the female form beyond its sexualized context, urging a deeper appreciation of the individual's spirit and strength.

Visual Experience:
By day, the sculpture captures and reflects the sunlight, glowing with natural luminance. As night falls, it transforms under the glow of RGB LED lights, creating an enchanting visual spectacle that illuminates Lincoln Road.

Exhibition Legacy:
Marco Cochrane's works, including pieces from The Bliss Project, have been recognized and displayed in prestigious venues such as the Smithsonian Art Museum and Resorts World, reflecting their significant impact on contemporary art and culture.

Don't Miss This Spectacle:
Whether you're familiar with Burning Man's innovative art scene or simply intrigued by monumental sculptures, R-Evolution™ offers a rare opportunity to engage with art that challenges perceptions and celebrates the human spirit. Visit the 400 Block of Lincoln Road to witness this remarkable sculpture before it concludes on April 30, 2024.