Maestro Winery

Discover your inner “maestro” at one of the newest wineries in Florida.

Maestro Winery
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An arts-inspired urban concept in St. Augustine, you’ll indulge in wines made from the most exotic fruits!

The “Maestro” at the winery is Christopher Gugel, hailing from Nebraska. The lead winemaker, several of his wines have won various wine making competitions. He sports the gold for red muscadine, chocolate orange, and rose petal wine.

Your experience at Maestro will take place in an arts immersed environment. The winery offers arts education, performances, and retail shopping in a quaint gift shop. The arts experience is enhanced by the boutique wines of the winery!

Right now, you can sample wines made from blueberry, cranberry, grapefruit, and strawberry. Available still but in limited supply are loquat, pineapple, and chokecherry wines! Once their grapes are harvested, you can also try Red Muscadine, White Muscadine, as well as traditional red and white wines.