Rock Springs/Kelly Park

The free-flowing springs at Rock Springs at Kelly Park are a bit cooler than its counterparts, usually topping out at a chilly 68 degrees, making this destination perfect for the hottest of Florida summers.

Rock Springs/Kelly Park
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It can get confusing, so let’s clarify. Kelly Park is the name of the nature park. Here you’ll find over 7 miles of hiking trails to enjoy! Rock Springs is the name of the springs near Tampa whose headwaters are found in Kelly Park.

Kelly Park can be found in the middle of Apopka. It’s proximity to Orlando attractions make it a great day trip, especially if you’re sick of theme parks.

Rock Springs Run originates in Kelly Park and awaiting its challengers is a 27-mile adventure suitable for beginners. If you want to complete the entire run, launch at King’s Landing. For a more leisurely experience, we recommend launching from Camp Joy.

Admission to Rock Springs is $3 per vehicle for 1-2 people; $5 per vehicle for 3-8 people; and $1 for additional person/walk-ins/motorcycles/bikes. Kayak/Canoe/Paddle Board Launch at Kelly Park’s Camp Joy runs $3 for 1-2 people; $5 for 3-8 people; and $1 for each additional person.