See the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

After you’ve partied on South Beach, seen the Wynwood Walls, and explored little Havana, head to Villa Vizcaya to soak in the beauty of its unique architecture and gardens.

See the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
Life Style

Completed in 1923, Villa Vizcaya was a private mansion that belonged to the wealthy businessman and socialite, James Deering. Once he finished building Villa Vizcaya, James began opening its gardens to the public on Sundays. He would simply stand on the balcony of his Villa observing who came somewhat reminiscent of James Gatsby from The Great Gatsby.

The site is now a museum that showcases a peculiar mix of Mediterranean Revival and Baroque architectural styles based on the Veneto and Tuscan Renaissance models. The site also includes an extensive Italian renaissance garden with a native woodland landscape and a historic village outbuildings compound.

The Stone Barge Mermaid Statue is the most eye-catching piece in the museum collection. Shaped like a boat overlooking Biscayne Bay and beyond, this gigantic aquatic sculpture never served any practical purpose. It is simply an impressive example of the former owner’s wealth and appreciation of beauty.