Taylor Swift Cheers Ryan Gosling's SNL Spoof of "All Too Well"

Taylor Swift gives a thumbs-up to Ryan Gosling's hilarious rendition of her hit song on SNL, calling his monologue "EVERYTHING."

Taylor Swift Cheers Ryan Gosling's SNL Spoof of
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Taylor Swift is known for her catchy tunes and witty lyrics, but she's not above appreciating a good parody, especially when it's done by none other than Ryan Gosling. The singer took to X (formerly Twitter) to express her delight after Gosling's Saturday Night Live monologue featured a spoof of her beloved song "All Too Well."

In the sketch, Gosling, alongside Emily Blunt, humorously sang about his role as Ken in the Barbie movie, set to the melody of Swift's iconic track. Swift, clearly amused by the performance, praised the monologue as "EVERYTHING," hinting that fans might even catch her singing the spoof version during her own tour.

Gosling, in his opening remarks, hilariously likened leaving his role as Ken to going through a breakup, setting the stage for his musical parody. With lyrics like "I shredded Venice Beach it's true" and "I left my rollerblades in that big pink house," Gosling's rendition captured the essence of Swift's original while adding his own comedic twist.

Meanwhile, Swift's weekend was not just about enjoying Gosling's antics on SNL. She also made headlines for her appearance at Coachella alongside her boyfriend Travis Kelce and friend Sabrina Carpenter. A video from the festival showed Swift and Kelce dancing along to her hit song "Karma," performed live by Ice Spice, who collaborated with Swift on a remix of the track.

Swift's ability to appreciate humor and enjoy herself at events like Coachella further solidifies her status as a relatable and down-to-earth celebrity, endearing her even more to her fans. As she continues to make waves in both the music and entertainment worlds, it's clear that Taylor Swift knows how to have a good time — whether it's on stage or in the audience.