Twin Ledges

Found about 400 yards off the Fort Lauderdale coast, you can find the best snorkeling in Florida! The Twin Ledges Reef affords fantastic views of Florida’s seabeds.

Twin Ledges
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Be warned, Twin Ledges is not easy to reach and is only for experienced snorkelers! Because it is so far out, you will need to get there via local snorkeling excursion boat!

As soon as you dive into the boat, don’t be alarmed if the porgies or bar jack start nibbling on you! They’re just accustomed to being fed! Swim away from your boat to find more peaceful areas.

As you swim down, head for the rockier formations. There’s little to nothing to see in the sandier areas. You’ll see Surgeonfish, sergeant major fish, and pufferfish! But don’t approach too quickly or they’ll hide in the rocks.

Before you go, check with your excursion to see if they provide a meal. If not, then plan to bring food or purchase snacks and drinks from the shops at the marina.