Zendaya Opens Up About Growing Up in the Spotlight and Yearning for Normalcy: "I Wish I Went to School"

In a candid Vogue interview, Zendaya reflects on the pressures of being a child star, her journey to adulthood, and craving the teenage experiences she missed.

Zendaya Opens Up About Growing Up in the Spotlight and Yearning for Normalcy:
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Zendaya, known for her roles in "Euphoria" and the "Spider-Man" franchise, recently shared her insights into the complexities of childhood fame and its impact on her personal development. Speaking to Vogue for their May cover profile, the 27-year-old actress delves into the responsibilities that fell on her shoulders at a young age and how it has shaped her current view of life and her career.

From a young age, Zendaya became the primary earner for her family, a role that thrust her into adulthood prematurely. "I felt like I was thrust into a very adult position very early," Zendaya confesses, highlighting the pressure to be perfect and meet everyone's expectations. This early responsibility, she feels, has led to her grappling with anxiety and an inability to fully appreciate her achievements.

Zendaya's reflection on missing out on normal teenage experiences, like attending high school, brings a poignant aspect to her story. "I’m almost going through my angsty teenager phase now," she admits, indicating a longing for the rites of passage she skipped in her youth.

Despite her success, Zendaya notes a desire for a more relatable social circle within Hollywood, emphasizing the importance of diversity and representation in her industry interactions. "I would love to see more who look a little bit more like me around me," she states, calling for a shift towards inclusivity among her peers.

As Zendaya steps into a new role in "Challengers," portraying a character navigating her early 30s, she continues to reflect on her identity beyond her professional achievements. Her journey underscores the unique challenges faced by child stars and the ongoing quest for a sense of normalcy amidst fame.

"Challengers" is set to release in theaters on April 26, with Vogue's full interview available on newsstands from April 23, offering readers a deeper look into the life of one of Hollywood's most introspective talents.