Haunted Things To Do In Cassadaga

Cassadaga is a village located in Lake Helen, Florida about half an hour drive from Orlando. This is not a traditional tourist destination, and is usually sought out intentionally by supernatural connoisseurs.

Haunted Things To Do In Cassadaga
Life Style

Although it is only about mile off the main road, Cassadaga feels like a completely different world; almost as if you’ve gone back in time. There is an incredibly unique energy to this place.

One of the things Cassadaga is most known for is its overall healing energy. This could be due to its many psychics, mediums, and spiritual healers; or because of the rich supernatural history of the location.

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp

The Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp has been around for 126 years (founded in 1894), and is home to some of the most reputable psychic mediums and healers you can find.

The Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp website provides a list of mediums and healers to choose from so you can find your perfect fit! Some specialize in contacting deceased loved-ones, some in telling your future, some in spiritual healing, and much more!

The website also recommends selecting a psychic or healer ahead of time and making an appointment with them. Prices vary as they are set by the individual providing the service.

If this is something you’d like to pursue further, the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp also offers church services, workshops, and a spiritual book store.