Miami Is The Happiest City In The U.S., Study Says

Miami just ranked as the happiest city in America for the second year in a row!

Miami Is The Happiest City In The U.S., Study Says
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Looks like Miamians have made a priority of looking and feeling good and it’s certainly paying off! For the second year in a row, Miami ranked as the happiest city in the country according to a study by Mindbody, a California-based company that provides cloud-based online scheduling and other business management software for the wellness industry.

During its annual Wellness Index survey, Mindbody asked thousands of people across the US about their general health and wellness habits, their social lives, alcohol intake, workout routines and more to determine what wellness means and looks like across the US. For 2021, the company surveyed 19,882 people in the largest US cities, also incorporating COVID-related factors such as pandemic living and coping with the “new normal” which means happiness in Miami has stayed relatively high even after the pandemic.

This year, Miami came out as the happiest city in the US with 70% of residents saying they feel happy most of the time. “Miami is making it a priority to look and feel good; residents invest an average of $74 a month on beauty and grooming services—more than any other US city. It’s also the second-most spiritually fulfilled city, with 70% of residents claiming they feel spiritually fulfilled,” reads the report. ” It seems that no matter how hard outside circumstances may get, Miami residents know a few tricks for finding and attaining happiness.”

But Miami isn’t only the happiest city but also the healthiest. The Magic City ranked number 1 on Mindbody’s ranking of healthiest cities in the country followed by Atlanta and San Francisco. “Since the pandemic started, over three quarters of residents say they’re more focused on their health and wellness—more than any other US city. Miami is continuing to make fitness a priority; 87% of residents are working out at least once a week—taking the top slot here, too.”

Miami beat 49 other cities on across many categories including Atlanta which came out second on both rankings, San Francisco, New York and Washington DC, which made it to the top 5. “The Florida city reports the closest relationships with friends and family, is the most well-rested, and is the happiest.”