Miami Music Week

Miami Music Week 2024, spanning from March 19 to March 24 in Miami Beach, offers an electrifying array of EDM genres, headlined by renowned acts and featuring a mix of parties, from the iconic Ultra Music Festival to daytime discos and pool parties, promising an unforgettable 5-day celebration of dance music.

Miami Music Week

Miami Music Week (MMW), renowned as the ultimate celebration for Electronic Dance Music enthusiasts, is set to electrify Miami Beach from Tuesday, March 19, through Sunday, March 24, 2024. This year's edition promises an unprecedented energy level, with a wide-ranging selection of EDM genres, including electro, deep house, trap, breakbeats, techno, dubstep, and drum & bass, ensuring that every attendee finds their beat in the heart of this vibrant city. MMW is celebrated for its 5-day marathon that encapsulates an extensive variety of parties, concerts, and club nights, drawing a global audience eager to experience the pinnacle of dance music culture.

The festival's agenda is packed with flagship events, notably the Ultra Music Festival, widely regarded as MMW's crown jewel, alongside other prominent fixtures such as Resistance, with many more exciting announcements on the horizon. Beyond these main events, attendees can immerse themselves in an eclectic mix of experiences, from sun-soaked daytime discos and high-energy party boats to a plethora of pool parties offering a refreshing escape. As the anticipation builds, the full lineup of events remains eagerly awaited, promising to deliver an unparalleled celebration of music, dance, and community, marking another memorable chapter in the legacy of Miami Music Week.