Phil Foster Park Snorkel Trail

Local snorkelers will tell you that some of the best snorkeling in Florida can be found around the Blue Heron Ridge in Riviera Beach. Palm Beach County wanted to take this spot and make it even better!

Phil Foster Park Snorkel Trail
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Thus, the Phil Foster Park Snorkel Trail was born! An artificial, man-made reef, the trail spans 800 feet. The best part? You can swim to it from the shoreline and the water is only 6-10 feet deep!

Built to attract and house rare wildlife, you’ll find squid, octopus, and spotted rays here. At the western end of the trail, three 5-foot-long concrete statues of hammerhead sharks were added for their ambiance.

The trail can be a bit hard to find, as there are no markers. We recommend swimming out straight from the lifeguard stand on the beach! Divers here love to talk about what they’ve recently seen, so don’t be shy!

Phil Foster Park has no admission fee, but we do recommend arriving earlier rather than later. The parking lot is free and tends to fill up quickly on weekends.