Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science


From now until April 21, 2024, immerse yourself in the mysterious and captivating realm of sharks at Frost Science's new exhibition, Sharks, making its debut in North America. Available from October 14, 2023, through April 21, 2024, this exhibit invites visitors to explore the vast diversity, habitats, behaviors, and crucial ecological roles of sharks through an impressive array of life-size models, engaging interactive displays, and insightful cultural narratives highlighting First Nations' connections to these fascinating marine predators.

Experience an up-close encounter with ten lifelike shark models, ranging from the diminutive Epaulette shark to the formidable Great White Shark, and even the ancient, now-extinct Buzzsaw Shark. Engage with interactive exhibits that allow you to dissect a shark via a 3-D scan and perceive the world through the unique 360-degree vision of a Hammerhead Shark. Additionally, the exhibition provides insights into the sharks that inhabit Florida's waters and the ongoing marine conservation efforts aimed at safeguarding them from human-induced dangers.

This enlightening exhibit is housed in the Hsiao Family Special Exhibition Gallery, located on the museum's first floor.