South:Home Away From Home

Florencia Iriondo's musical "SOUTH – Home Away from Home" at Faena Theater Miami Beach captures the heartwarming journey of Chica, an Argentine woman finding her identity in New York through the lens of music, soccer, and homeland flavors.

South:Home Away From Home

Faena Theathre

 Currently through March 25, 2024 Event Time: 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM Dive into the enchanting world of South American traditions with a blend of music and tales. On March 24 and 25, the Faena Theater in Miami Beach hosts SOUTH – A Second Home, an outstanding musical in one act by Florencia Iriondo.

This critically praised production, which has enthralled audiences beyond Broadway, narrates the heartfelt saga of Chica, a young woman from Argentina, and her mother's adventure in New York City. Through a mix of narrative and unique South American Folk-Pop tunes, Iriondo vividly portrays Chica's journey. Attendees are immersed in her exploration of a new culture, creating a new sense of self amidst familiar rhythms, the excitement of soccer, and the nostalgic tastes from back home.