This New Olympic “Pool” Looks So Real We Almost Dived Straight Into The Pavement

A new pool has popped up in Miami!

This New Olympic “Pool” Looks So Real We Almost Dived Straight Into The Pavement
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But don’t be fooled by its realistic appearance or you’ll end up diving straight into the concrete! Created by the luxury watch brand Omega, this hyperrealistic Olympic pool has popped out of thin air in the Design District to celebrate the Tokyo Summer Olympics. And it looks so real it had us doing double-takes before realizing we wouldn’t be needing our swimsuits to visit this pool!

The “pool” went up earlier this week at the Jungle Plaza in Miami’s Design District to celebrate this year’s Olympic Games kick-off and it is so Olympics-ready it even has the little podiums a the head of the pool where swimmers jump off from at the beginning of each competition. Oh and there’s always a few resident swimmers roaming around its edges to greet passersby.

Omega’s pool will be at the Design District until Monday, August 9, to transport you straight to Tokyo with flash-mob sports performances ranging from swimmers stretching to golfers riding buggies, runners preparing to “compete” and more.

The nearby Omega boutique is also hosting a special experiential view of “A Journey Through Time, ”an exhibit showcasing OMEGA’s history of timekeeping excellence and pursuit of innovative technology.

If you stop by the pool, make sure to also grab some sushi from Itamae and Kakigori style shaved ice from Japow. They will be on-site at the Olympic Pool Friday and Saturday from 12 to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 12 to 6 p.m.!