Henscratch Farms Vineyard and Winery

In the quaint small town of Lake Placid, you can find Henscratch Farms Vineyard and Winery, one of the cutest wineries in Florida. Here you won’t find just a vineyard, but also a farm that is home to 200 free-range chickens!

Henscratch Farms Vineyard and Winery
Life Style

Henscratch began in August 2003 when their first batch of muscadine and scuppernog grapes were crushed by foot from their own vineyards! Some of their varieties are still foot stomped today!

In August and September, you can stroll the vineyards to pick the biggest grapes you’ve ever seen! Take a bite and the sweet nectar will dribble down your chin. The bronze fruit is honey and musky while the black grapes are sweet and fruity.

Make sure to visit Henscratch’s Country Store. Designed in the Old Cracker style, you’ll be stepping into Old Florida with its raised floor, sliding barn doors, and an open breezeway.

Inside you’ll find homemade jams, jellies, sauces, and syrups matching Henscratch’s harvest seasons. There are even jams and jellies to taste and tempt you! Pick your own dozen eggs and grab a jug of raw honey. A favorite is the infused grapeseed oil!