Musical Vizcaya

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Musical Vizcaya

March 27, 2024 Event Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM Dive into Miami's rich musical tapestry at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, featuring the latest installment of the celebrated Musical Vizcaya series, which highlights the area's local musical talents. On the evening of Wednesday, March 27, Vizcaya hosts an unforgettable event with Afrobeta, the innovative duo famous for blending electronic, funk, and Latin beats into a genre-bending musical experience.

The event begins with the screening of “Birthright,” an Emmy-awarded documentary by Jayme Gershen that captures Afrobeta’s emotional pilgrimage to Cuba. The film delves into their journey of cultural and musical discovery in Havana, shedding light on their Cuban roots. A Q&A session with renowned Cuban American journalist Daniel Rivero follows, offering insights into the documentary's central themes and Afrobeta’s artistic exploration.

The evening culminates with a captivating 45-minute performance by Afrobeta, set against the enchanting scenery of Vizcaya's gardens, ensuring a night of musical enchantment and cultural immersion.